DIY Your Kid’s Valentines Day Cards

After you have little ones, every holiday is a reason to send out a cute photo of your adorable, growing little one! So when Valentines was nearing I knew we had to get some sort of sweet valentine out.  I looked at my usual sights and I couldn’t find something that I was looking for so I had to come up with something original. My best, creative ideas come when I’m feeding and rocking Ranger.
Here’s what I came up with:
We took a cute little photo on the couch and then attached it to a blank card.  The team work came in when we took the sponge painter and put the pain on his foot for the “foot print heart”. I would hold his foot and paint it while Rusty got the blank card ready on something sturdy so I could stamp his foot on it.  We did all of one foot, and then the other.  Ranger’s part was done, then I just had to write the inside and DONE!  It really was easier than I had thought.  But definitely was easiest with the team work.
What you will need:
Blank Note Cards that fold in half
Colored Sharpies
Red Washable Paint (safe for skin)
Sponge Brush
A Plate (to put paint on)
Double Sided Paint
Cute little outfit for the photo
Some sort of back drop
Heart Stickers
**Disclaimer: We only made about 30 cards, so our usual list of 150 people unfortunately didn’t get a Valentine.
Have fun!!