Kiddo Spring Break Travel Essentials

As the temperatures begin to warm, it only means one thing: that Spring Break is on the horizon.  The thought of a week of no scheduled drop offs and pick ups sounds like bliss, but if you’re traveling, the task of packing all of the essentials (which seems like everything you own) can be daunting.  But have no fear, I’ve rounded up some awesome travel essentials.  These are some of your everyday items that have been made to fold, weigh less and make your home away from home for a week seem like “home”.

Last spring when we traveled to the beach (which will have a whole separate post) Ranger was only 8 months old, so a free flight for a lap child flight is to hard to pass up, but the challenge was packing all that we needed to fly with… thank goodness Southwest gives you 2 free bags, so 4 for the Gaston family.  Now, I looked into renting some play gear when we got there, but it was adding up quite quickly. This prompted me to begin the hunt of items that I would be able to use on the trip and for the rest of the summer.

I was so surprised to find a whole market of items we needed that were reasonably priced and that fit into our luggage.  Here’s what I’ve found.  These cover many stages of your child’s development and will adapt to the cold or warm vacation location.

Feeding Essentials:


Summer Infant Pop-N-Sit Portable High Chair


Summer Infant Pop-N-Sit Portable Booster Seat


The First Years On the Go Booster Seat



Sleeping Essentials:




babyhome ‘Air’ Bassinet


Brica Fold n Go Travel Bassinett


Play Essentials:


Summer Infant Pop-N-Go Portable Play Yard


Summer Infant Pop-N-Jump



Getting ALL of these to fit into your luggage may not be possible, unless you sacrifice your 1/2 of your one suitcase, but pick and choose what would be best for your little one to help them adjust best to their new surroundings.

On our trip with Ranger when he was 8 months old the Summer Infant Pop n Jump was the best thing we could have taken with us, he loved his at home at it gave him an activity he could do besides just sit.  It also came in handy when we were at outdoor events or even just eating dinner on the back deck.

Our most recent trip called for us to have some sort of booster seat for him to eat in at my in-laws.  The Summer Infant Pop N Sit Portable Booster Seat was perfect.  He could eat his meals in it, but then it also doubled as a “chair” for him to watch tv and play in.




Please share your favorite travel essentials!