The DockATot: A Mom’s Best Friend

Sleep?? Is that something moms really get to do from pregnancy on, ever again??? Well, it may not be like that single life sleep anymore, but there’s hope!  The DockATot has been the key to helping us achieve better sleep in our house.

When my son hit the 4 month sleep regression (which NO ONE had told me about) I was desperate to try anything.  I tried every swaddle, sleep suit and every book in between.  I had a friend who mentioned trying the DockATot and to her I still owe so much.



When Ranger only wanted to be held to sleep at night, I knew this wasn’t something he should get used to, but I also understood that it was the closest thing to the womb that he recognized and wanted to feel safe.  When we put him in the DockATot it seemed to emulate the same feeling and he was able to sleep.  It made him feel  warm, snug and without any straps or bells and whistles that can distract baby when sleeping.

I’m so thankful to already have one of these glorious helpers for baby number two to start off with right away! It could make a world of difference the second time around… sooner.

Whats so great, is that it has many benefits.  It’s not just great for sleep, but it’s great for transitioning to the crib (or the Deluxe to a toddler bed), tummytime, playing and is easily transported to wherever you’re traveling.



It also comes in 2 sizes. The Deluxe is for your newborn and infant(0-8 months) and the Grand is for your toddler and older (9mo +).

Here’s how to determine what size is best for you according to their website:

The DockATot™ Deluxe is intended for babies approximately 5lbs-22lbs. The DockATot™ Grand is intended for tots approximately 22lbs-40lbs. Our experience is that parents seem to think the baby has outgrown the Deluxe size way before baby is uncomfortable. The design includes clasps that lengthen the legs of the DockATot™ Deluxe, so babies can get longer use out of it. The clip at the foot end, specifically on the Grand, is intended to be used for easy portability and storing and must remain unbuckled during use. The DockATot™is supposed to be snug. There are many users that tell us that they have used the Deluxe size up until 10-12 months. This creates a feeling of snugness, which is very comforting for the child. It’s as if the child is being held in a sense.



A few tips:

  • Buy an extra cover so that when you have to wash one, you’ll have one to put on the DockATot and it won’t miss any naps! Shop Deluxe here and Grand here
  • Use a sound machine on “white noise” to help buffer any outside noises and to help your baby better acclimate to any unfamiliar sleep places
  • If your baby (like mine) likes the swaddle, use it in the DockATot until they are ready to go swaddle free.
  • If you’re quite the traveler buy the travel case for it here

Please share your DockATot stories below! Or any other sleep tips you may have!  Moms have to help moms (and dads)!!!!




  • Shauna

    My son is 6 months old and we are desperate for sleep. I ordered a DockATot and am expecting it in the mail. I was reluctant at first because they are pricy… I am praying and hoping for great results. Like you, I don’t want to make holding him at night a habit!

    Thank you for this post!

    • KacieGaston

      I hope you have great success with it and get a little more shut eye! I know that baby gear can be pricy, but Ive learned there are certain thing you can’t put a price on, sleep being one of them!

  • Caroline

    Hi Kacie! Just curious if you moved your son up to the grande… my daughter currently sleeps in the deluxe size. She will probably be growing out of it soon. I’m debating whether or not we should move up to the next size or just try the crib without it. I’d love your input!

    • KacieGaston

      Hi Caroline… Ranger never grew out of his deluxe before we took him out of it to sleep without it. But he’s very small for his age, so we would just now be using the grande. I have a girlfriend who upgraded to the grande and was so happy with it, and then it helped when they transitioned to a toddler bed. I’m sorry I don’t have any personal advice for you on this one, but if she’s ready to sleep in the crib without you should go that route, if not upgrade and then you will have both for the next kiddo (if you’re planning on having more). xx

  • Paige

    Hi Kacie, I just ordered one. My 3 month old has been sleeping 8-9 hours in her rock n play, but when I tried to move her into the pack n play, she was up off and on all night. So I’m hoping the dockatot can help give her the same feeling the rock n play gives her. Question- you show a picture of ranger in his dockatot deluxe in the crib.. but the website says it is for co sleeping or supervised naps. Did you let him sleep in it over night in a crib? It seems to me that if it is ok to co sleep in the deluxe, it would be ok in the pack n play right next to my bed. Sorry, that was a long comment! Thanks!!

    • KacieGaston

      Hey Paige. I hope your little one traditions well to the Dock A Tot. I did let Ranger sleep in it overnight in his crib. I did it for naps to start to make myself comfortable with it. But then used it for all naps and nighttime too. It’s a great question. I’m not an expert, but as a mom I felt very comfortable letting him sleep in it without any worries. I hope this helps and you keep getting those long stretches of sleep.
      xo, Kacie

  • Emily

    Thanks for sharing…this is exactly what I was looking for. After a few weeks of crap sleep, we hit the regression HARD last night (hourly wakeups, would only sleep in my arms) and I’ve already got my DockATot scheduled to be delivered today (we’re taking four plane trips and moving cross-country in the next three months so…yeah). I’m looking forward to seeing if it helps. At the very least it will allow me to safely co-sleep with him, unlike last night when I said “screw the rules!” and took him to bed with me.

    • KacieGaston

      Thank you for reading Emily. I hope it helps! I know how exhausting and hard it is… it’s almost mind numbing. I remember googling everything and buying anything I thought might help. Please let me know if it’s something that helps your little one. I hope you have safe travels and a smooth move! xo

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