New Mom Advice, that saved my SANITY

I remember coming home from the hospital with my new sweet baby boy and the love and excitement that filled my heart. As exciting as it was, it was also uncharted territory for Rusty and me.  Although I was very comfortable being a mom and knew it’s what I was born to do, there are always those moments that you feel like you’re losing your mind or that you have no clue what you’re doing.  Here’s a few things I learned that helped me stay sane.


Just look at that sweet face!

  • Everything is just a phase. Some phases last longer than others, but everything will pass.  That 4 month sleep regression will pass, the cluster feeding will pass, the teething will pass… it will all pass, maybe not as quickly as you would like for it to, but it does.
  • Put things in perspective. Even though things may seem to be pretty overwhelming and you feel like you may never sleep again, you will.  A visit to the Children’s Wing at the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital will give you just the perspective you need, believe me.  Seeing a little child look helpless and not knowing how much longer they have to live will make you hold your baby a little bit tighter when they can’t sleep in the middle of the night.  I used to use that time as the opportunity to thank the Lord that my sweet baby boy was healthy and that I could hold him in his own room and know he was safe.
  • Learn lots of good songs to hum when you’re rocking your little one.  When I was rocking Ranger, I would always hum him songs, but I would go nuts if I didn’t know all of the words, so I would google them to know the exact words… needless to say start really listening to songs and learn the words.
  • Know what WINE is… and that every hour is the appropriate hour when you’re a mom. I’m someone who can enjoy a glade of wine every now and again, but defiantly don’t NEED it.  But there were some days, that seemed to be long and if I’m being honest, lonely, that I would be ready by 4pm to have a glass of wine. This was especially true when he was teething or in a sleep regression.  So don’t be ashamed to have a glass every now and again to calm those nerves.
  • You’re a good mom everyday, but most days you’re a GREAT mom.  I know that some days I’m not the “World’s Best Mom.”  I may not play with my whole heart as I wished I would have or I didn’t feel like I had done my best.  But then there are days that I felt like I really nailed it. But either way, I loved my son more than I knew possible and I cared for him and that’s a winning day!
  • “A Mother Understands What a Child Cannot Say”: Somedays I feel like I’m spot on and Ranger and I are on the same page… but then there are days when your baby cries and you have no clue why, and thats okay! When you first come home from the hospital you’re all getting acquainted.  You’re learning all about each other.  Think of delivery as the only blind date that you meet the love of your life.  But then you start living together and are learning how each other jives.  Just be patient. But you’re they’re mom and you’ll know what’s best!
  • God give you the ability to mostly forget the harder parts of pregnancy, labor and the first year of your babies life so that you will have more kids!  I know that after Ranger was one, I was ready for another kid!  Well, probably once he started sleeping through the night.  I would find my friends who were pregnant asking me questions, and honestly I couldn’t remember OR I had forgotten about that part until they asked me.  For that I would always tell them… “to be honest I had completely forgotten about that or I can’t remember.” Such a blessing!
  • Don’t get discouraged by social media!  I found myself with a lot of social media scrolling time while I was cuddling my sweet little baby, but when you haven’t showered in a few days and sleep wasn’t easy to come by, seeing a new mom on Instagram dressed and out and about can become a little discouraging.  I will say, I appreciate a pretty picture, but I can’t let myself accept that that is there every minute reality.  So just don’t let the perception that’s displayed be what you think should be your reality.

What advice do you have for expecting or new moms?!?!