Nurses Gifts for the Hospital

Having a baby is such an amazing experience… but it’s not just because of momma and baby… though they are definitely the stars of the show… it’s about the village that it takes to bring the baby into the world and keeping both mommy and baby safe the entire labor and delivery and recovery.  That being said, your nurses need some love and appreciation on the big day(s)!

When we had Ranger a friend of ours was dating a labor and delivery nurse and that’s the piece of advice she gave us and I was so glad she did!  There are so many different ways you can show your appreciation you just have to find what’s “you”.  The nurses were so thankful and I was so glad that I could give them a little token of appreciation for all that they helped me with and did for us during that special time.

“How many to take” you ask?

At our hospital, St. Thomas Midtown here in Nashville, we have a Labor and Delivery Floor and then the Recovery floor.  You should find out about this if you take a birthing class at the hospital your delivering in, but if not, just call ahead and ask.  Last time I took 8 and we used all of them… we had a shift change during our delivery (actually 2, not because I was there forever, but it was a crazy delivery day so they were shifting people around) and then there was the anesthesiologist (who I definitely wanted to give some love to) and then some others that were there to help. Then we moved to the recovery floor where we had 2 different rounds of nurses and also the lactation nurse… so 8 was the perfect number.  And if you run out… don’t stress, it was the thought that counts and now you have a little one to take care of and the new nurses won’t know the difference.

Here are a  few ideas of things you could take and be a “group thank you”: (take one for the Labor and Delivery floor and one for the Recovery floor and they can put them in the Nurses Lounge)

  • A Bagel Box/Tray and Coffee Box (like Panera, Bruegger’s Bagels, or Einstein Bro. Bagels)
  • You could make a tray of homemade cookies or have one made locally
  • A basket of goodies from candies to protein bars to gum
  • Donuts and Coffee

You can make a note for these trays or platters and have it next to it and so they will know who it’s from!  Here’s the one we used and you can use it for the individual gifts too!


I went more of the individual gift route and here’s what we did this time:

A small bucket pail filled with mints, Dove dark chocolate, Esos chapstick and a $5 Starbucks gift card.



Last time we had little boxes left from one of our baby showers that we filled with the same things… like these:

Shop for them HERE

I got the little bucket pails at Target or you could do the cute little burlap bags or just clear treat bags and pretty ribbon.  Like I said, make it all your own.

Here are some ideas of things you could fill them with:

  • Candy, Gum, Mints, Chocolate, ect.
  • Cookies
  • Chapstick
  • Hand Lotion
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Body Wash
  • Face Mask
  • Starbucks/Panera Gift Card
  • Nail Polish
  • Crackers/Snacks
  • Bath Salts

Just find what works for you! It doesn’t have to be expensive, just a gesture of your appreciation.

Have you made these before?? What did you do?? Or are you a nurse, what would you want to say “thank you”??