All the Love for MOTHERLOVE

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When it comes to having a baby there are so many new things you need for your little one, but the person we forget about who will need some TLC too is MOTHER… the one who does all of the work growing, birthing and then feeding and raising your little one.  She’s put through the wringer physically carrying the little one for 9 months and then she births them.  Birth alone puts your body through so much that requires some healing after (which is hard when all of your and everyone else’s attention goes to the new little angel) and it’s usually the lowest priority on the list.

That being said, I’ve found the line of products by “Motherlove” are amazing to help keep momma happy and to help her heal. All of their products are USDA certified organic and only used organic ingredients of the highest quality. When I had Ranger I exclusively pumped because he was never able to get a good latch, so in the hospital they gave me a sample of the Motherlove Nipple Cream and I loved it.  They sold it in the gift shop there so I bought some and I was hooked.  For 8 months while I pumped I applied it before every pump to keep my nipples from chaffing and blistering. So this time around with Everly it was the first thing I put in my hospital bag.  My hopes were that breast feeding would be more natural with her, but I knew that I would need some sort of cream for my nipples to help keep them from cracking when we first started.  And let me tell you, I was so thankful to have had it in my bag and it was on my side table and used religiously in those first few weeks (and even now when I pump). What I love about the cream is that it doesn’t need to be washed off before nursing and it’s USDA certified organic. The only ingredients are: extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, shea butter, marshmallow root, calendula flower. Which makes this momma happy.  Since I’ve used it, it’s been my gift to any expecting momma I know!


The other product that I used everyday post delivery was the Sitz Bath Spray.  This delivery was a little bit tougher on my body and I had an episiotomy this time.  The spray was in my restroom next to my squirt water bottle to spray every time I went to the bathroom. When you’re in discomfort it provided me with some relief and a soothing feeling.  It can be used directly like I used it or applied to pads to wear for longer times.  I HIGHLY recommend having this for immediate use!  And they also have a Sitz Bath Soak for when you have a longer time to soak in the bath for some relief!


I also recommend the Birth and Baby Oil for delivery and postpartum. I had an epidural and didn’t used it during delivery, but this is what I would have used during labor if I hadn’t for massaging. The lavender flowers give it such a soothing scent to help relax you.  The good news is it’s gentle enough to use on your newborn’s skin after, so I’ve been using it on Everly after her baths to keep her skin hydrated when it’s starting to peel.


These are just the products I’ve used personally thus far, but they have a TON of options for breastfeeding supplements if you have production issues… and there are other products to use during pregnancy and for labor and delivery and baby too! Check them all out here. Their products are also available at Target and Walgreens.  HERE is where you can check and see where they are available near you!

If there’s a mother you love give her some MOTHERLOVE!