Travel 101… with 2 kids


So, over the holidays, we made the first flight with both kiddos and to be honest, the most stressful part about traveling with two isn’t HOW they are going to fly, but HOW MUCH stuff you’re going to have to take with you! Which can be totally overwhelming… but I’m going to share with you what we took and some tips that will hopefully help!


  1. Carseat Back Packs

To be honest, the tough of taking the carseats was enough to make me want to stay at home, but when that’s not an option, we go! I thought of lugging those, suitcases and pack n plays… with a stroller to the check-in desk and I got hives… but I found a solution to the not-enough-hands to all-the-stuff-we-need ratio… THESE amazing carseat back pack carries… I bought 2 to have so we have the same ones when Everly moves to a big girl carseat. BUT these made a big difference… it’s much easier to carry one on your back than in your arms.  I’ve also used THIS carrier for the infant carseat when I just had Ranger and I checked his carseat.


Option 2 for carseats is to rent them through your rental car company… I say this with CAUTION… I’ve done this a few times, always hoping I will have a better experience, but I have yet to.  They are always the worst, and what seems like (but not) outdated carseats.  Anytime I travel with my kids in a car, anywhere, I want them to be as safe as possible… but this is always an option, and your experience may be better than mine.

2. Pack N Plays

Now when it comes to Pack N Plays, if we’re staying in a hotel or renting a place, I always call ahead to see if they have one (or two) we can use… if they do, BOOM, one (or two) less things to cart around, if not… packing one of these is a lifesaver.  If it’s somewhere like you’re in-laws or parents that you frequent, consider buying one and having it shipped there so you can always have it available…. find a cheap one like THIS one.

When the kids were smaller I used THIS pop up bassinet to put in our suit case and make for one less thing to carry.

If you’ve been following me for a while you know how much I LOVE my DockATot and I never leave home without it. I also always take the DockATot and check it, with the luggage bag they have HERE.

3. Get a cart

When you show up at the airport you can do “curb check in” or you can find a luggage cart to take and use.  I know when we fly into Dallas- Love Field they have people there who will help you with a cart!  BIG BIG BIG plus.

4. TSA Pre-Check

When Ranger was 9 weeks old we flew for the first time, which was intimidating as a new mom.  So we went and applied for TSA PreCheck and we’ve been so thankful every time we’ve gone through security.  Taking away the hassle of taking off shoes and removing everything from your bags is a game changer!

Click HERE for more information.

5. Breast Pump Tips

Before you travel with a breast pump or milk,it’s best to be fully educated about regulations and that way you can pass them on in case the security or airline worker you encounter may not be as informed.  Click here for the TSA guidelines.

These items also make it easy to travel with your breast pump!!!


6. Wear a baby

No matter how I’ve flown, wearing a kiddos has always been the easiest.  You don’t have to take them out of the carseat to go through security and but the stroller on the belt, you can just wear them through and it should be as easy as that.

My two favorite carriers

Lille Baby

Ergo 360 Carrier

7. Tag your Luggage

This is totally an old school method, but find a bright ribbon to put on all of your luggage so it’s easy to spot whenever you have little ones running around you can see them clearly, grab them, and off you go!

8. Carry a Backpack

I’m so used to carrying my “baby bag” but when I travel I need all of the arms I can get.  I absolutely love this SkipHop backpack for traveling.  It not only is roomy enough for all of what you need for the kids, it also has stroller straps, which saved us on our last adventure!

Before flying with any of your kiddos, check out the TSA Traveling with Children Guidelines HERE

And just remember…. it will only get easier, as your kids grow older you will have less to take… this is only a season!

You can also see some kid friendly travel essentials I recommend in THIS post

Happy Travels friends