Easter for Babies and Toddlers


It’s been a while that we’ve had the “Santa’s Watch You” threat to use…. so we’re all pretty happy about the Easter Bunny watching out these days!  I’ve had a lot of you ask everything from what I’m putting in my Easter Eggs to what we’re wearing, so here it all is!!


Easter Eggs

Easter Egg treats for those Easter egg hunts and baskets, this year I’m avoiding candy as much as possible!! Ranger knows that candy is “good” and wants it this year.  So I’ll have a few eggs filled with some yummies, but I’ve opted for the bigger eggs this year so I can put some fun goodies in the.


Fruit Gummies: These are a GREAT candy alternative and if you have the larger eggs they’re perfect!

Mini Bouncy Balls: These are the perfect size for regular eggs, but know your audience. If you have a bunch of kiddos that may put them in their mouth, then I would skip these. But Ranger LOVES these so they’re a win here.

Mini Finger Puppets:  I found these mini plush finger puppets that should fit the regular sized eggs, which are cute and will make for great pretend play over and over again.

Stickers:  Taking a pad of stickers and chopping them up is a great idea!  Kids love stickers

Shop all of these suggestions and more below:

**Also, always check the Dollar Section at Target… I found a little pack of egg fillers for Ranger’s class… totally hit or miss though**


Easter Baskets


I’m a huge fan of the Pottery Barn Baskets and Liners!  This year they’ve come back with the original basket!!! Last year they had the collapsable handle (which Ranger has) and they’re not near as cute!! So yay!!!! I’m linking ours below!


Infant Easter Basket


HOW EXCITING IS YOUR BABY’S FIRST EASTER??? Well, it’s definitely more exciting for you than it is for them probably.  So when it comes to stuffing those baskets it can be a little challenging… so the reality is, you fill it with things they’ll need soon, so here are some suggestions *they’re all linked below to shop them!*

Sophie, Tooth Brush, Gum Brush, Lovie, Mocs, PJs, Piggy Bank, Teething Tether, Sun Hat, Pool Float, Sun Glasses, Jack Rogers Sandals, Teething Goodies, Books.

Toddler Easter Basket


Now when they’re about 2 and 3 years old, this is when all of the holidays get FUN!  They get excited about everything, realize they’re getting gifts and you can use the “Easter Bunny is watching” ploy! So of course these are all suggestions for both boys and girls and you will buy things that your kid likes… but these may be some things you hadn’t thought of that are fun and also useful!

Piggy Bank, Watch, Bubbles, Crayons, Coloring Books, Bunny Ears, Crayola Color Wonder Markers, Melissa & Doug On the Go water pen pads, Wooden Foods, Bow Tie, Sandals, Flip Flops, Sun Screen, Stacking Cups, Color Sorting cups and animals, Ball Set, Books, Flower Pot Activity Set and seeds, Bath Paint Soap, Puzzles, Play Dough


What They’re Wearing


And I don’t know about y’all, but we always have a few different outfits for Easter Day.  We have our Church dress outfits and then our Lunch/Easter Egg Hunt outfits!! I’m linking our adorable apparel below!  One of my favorite clothing lines right now is The Beauford Bonnet Company.  They have the sweetest southern inspired style for littles!!! I’m linking my faves below for the little ladies and gents!

The Easter Bunny is also bringing the littles a Kitchen Set this year!! I know it’s something they will love so it’s the perfect time for the Big Bunny to bring it! I’m linking the one I ordered (which is on SALE right now if you’ve been eyeing it) and the goodies I got to go with it!


Please comment any other great ideas that you have for the kids.

We hope that y’all have an amazing Easter filled with love and laughter!




  • Lauren

    Hi! Love this post, thanks so much for sharing. I’ve already added a few of them to my amazon cart. Where did you get the personalized easter eggs? Do you have any large white bows you like for an infant? Thanks again!

    • KacieGaston

      Oh perfect!! It’s so hard to think of “practical” things sometimes and not just “stuff” I ordered them from one of those websites that does daily deals… but there are these that aren’t outrageous and I think you could get by Easter! https://rstyle.me/n/cz6w3cbhzcf
      Also, I’ve used these before for winter bows and I need to put in a spring order: https://rstyle.me/n/cz6w9rbhzcf (and they’re on sale right now)
      But these are the BEST for the price. We wear them all of the time and you’ll have colors you didn’t know you would need!: https://rstyle.me/n/cuy6egbhzcf

      I hope this helps and y’all have a very HAPPY EASTER!!